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    Products Center
    Contact Us
    Add:Huangshan Road Binzhou Shandong China
    Tel: +86-543-4966387
    Fax: +86-543-4966387
    Contact: Mr Lv 18325433979
    E-mail: sales1@sdboyichem.com
    About Us

    Zouping Boyi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is located in Zouping Industry Zone, where is the hometown of Fan Zhongyan (a famous poet of Song Dynasty). As an export-oriented enterprise with license of import and export business, we are mainly engaged in the manufacturing and trade of Ammonium chloride series, rubber accelerants, feed additives, food additives, fertilizers, water treatment series and other chemical products.

    At present, our products are well sold in more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, and they are highly appraised and welcome by customers for excellent quality.

    Sticking to such idea of "honest business" and "making friend sincerely, doing business credibly; quality is the foundation stone", we promise that Boyi will always have honest business and will be the most reliable business partner of our clients! Please contact us and work with Boyi to get mutual development!

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